Explore A Partnership With Picas Investment.

Working with our clients in offering customerized investment solutions

we strive to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society as a responsible institutional investor, and to enhance investment returns over the medium to long term at the same time. By taking full advantage of the group's extended network, we provide a wide range of trading, crypto tradings, forex trading and real estate related services to the satisfaction of our clients as a dependable partner. Our priority is to customize solutions that align with clients' strategic interests. We believe in long-term partnerships created uniquely for each client.

We are aiming to cross all borders and discover unique investment opportunities through our extensive network in the industrial world and investment industry by mainly investing in growing fields and growth potential spreading around the world based on advantages that are exclusive to our company. Our group's growth investment strategy is to invest in growing businesses beyond existing frameworks, and we have produced strong results.

We are by your side, for life.

we aim to contribute to improve the well-being of all the people we serve.

We seek creative solutions for clients with an acute understanding of the risks involved. Our clients are equipped with a diverse and nimble portfolio placing them well ahead of the market. As part of the Picas Investment Group, all our companies will continue to stand by the side of our customers and their loved ones, for life.

Invest in good company

When investors partner with the Picas Investment, they benefit from the breadth and depth of expertise with the entire firm working in unison to achieve a targeted outcome. We employ the highest quality people as partners in our business while pursuing the highest standards long-term and aligning our interests with our investment partners.

When investing in undervalued stocks, the investment team avoids falling into value traps by looking for companies with catalysts that could move their stock higher. We have built one of the largest organizations as a United Kingdom investment capital management company.

In the pursuit of excellence, we approach everything we do with an entrepreneurial mindset. This enables us to think differently, transforming intelligent insights into innovative, relevant investment opportunities for our clients. With continuous effort to strengthen internal governance, we develop and maintain our businesses in a fair manner without conflicts. We pursue to maximize investment return with advantage of resources provided by our partner companies in the Uk, but also on a worldwide basis.